Roofing Services - The Roof Replacement Process

So, you are thinking about getting a roof?

Replacing a roof with a new roof is a big decision. There are many questions that need to be answered before the roof is replaced. These questions are, but not limited to:

  1. Why do I need a new roof?
  2. Do I actually need a new roof? Or will a roof repair meet my needs?
  3. Can I afford a new roof?

These three questions are very important. Strong Ridge Construction can help you answer these three questions. We can help you answer the first two questions by offering a free inspection where we will provide you an honest opinion based upon our assessment. If we find your roof does not need to be replaced, we will tell you. As for the third question about affording a new roof; we offer payment options that should fit into your budget without too much stress on your family's  finances.


What you need to know about replacing a roof?

Roof replacement can be a daunting challenge. With Strong Ridge Construction, we will walk you through the process. First thing you need to know is that we do not nail new shingles on top of existing shingles. "Nail Overs" do not fix any roof issues, they just hide them or make them go away for a period of time.

And if your roof does not need to be replaced and only needs a roof repair, we will be honest with you.  Our clients are the boss.

So, what do we do? When replacing your roof, we:

  1. Remove all existing layers or shingles and underlayment. We want to see the wooden roof deck that makes up the foundation of the roof system.
  2. We inspect the wooden roof deck for any damages. If there is any damage to the roof deck, we will photograph the damage and show you with those photos.
  3. We will replace any damage sections of the roof deck with new wood, using fire-rated wood when required by local building codes and OSB sheets or boards in all other cases.
  4. With the roof deck prepared for a new underlayment, we will install all the underlayment protection as agreed upon in the signed proposal and contract, in accordance with manufacturer instructions and local building codes.
  5. With the underlayment in place, it is time to install the asphalt shingles. We install the asphalt shingles per the manufacturer's instructions. During this step, we will install all ventilation components and pipe collars.
  6. We will perform a quality assurance inspection of the roof, to ensure that it meets manufacturer installation requirements and our personal specifications.
  7. We will clean up all debris and sweep the project area with magnets for nails. This step will be performed daily, if the project exceeds one day.

Now you know the process of getting a new roof on your home. The hard part is up to you:

Deciding on a look that you think will define your home as uniquely yours. Your Strong Ridge Construction representative will happily provide you with the samples and tools to make that decision. We can utilize our roof simulation tool to give you a better idea of what your roof replacement will look like with the shingles of your choice.

Steps to a New Roofing System

Check out this great video that shows the roof replacement process.

Roof Repairs

If you have a leaking roof, do not hesitate to call a roofing professional.  The longer you wait, the more damage that will occur.  What could be simple, inexpensive roof repair now may become an more involved and costly repair in the future.

When we come out to inspect your roof to find the leak we will: 

  1. Determine the number of layers of shingles on the roof
  2. Determine the condition of the shingles on the roof
  3. Identify missing or damaged shingles on the roof
  4. Check flashing where the roof meets side walls and chimneys
  5. Check how the valley is constructed to allow water the evacuate from the roof
  6. Inspect the rubber gasket/flashing around pipes penetrating the roof
  7. Determine the condition of the roof ventilation system
  8. Photograph the roof, with emphasis on areas of concerns
  9. Measure the roof to determine the square footage

We will then discuss our findings with you, the homeowner.  Now you are armed with enough information to make an informed decision regarding the state of your roof.

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Roof Repair or Roof Replacement

Contact us.  We provide free estimates based upon our professional opinion.   And where permitted with FAA authorization, we will fly our drone to give you the best and most complete view of your roof, in near real time. 

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