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So, you are thinking about updating the siding on your home.

Replacing the siding on a house is a big decision. There are many questions that need to be answered before the siding is replaced. These questions are, but not limited to:

  1. Why do I need a new siding?
  2. Do I actually need new siding? Or will a repair or power washing meet my needs?
  3. Can I afford new siding?

These three questions are very important. Strong Ridge Construction can help you answer these three questions. We can help you answer the first two questions by offering a free inspection where we will provide you an honest opinion based upon our assessment. If we find your siding does not need to be replaced, we will tell you. As for the third question about affording new siding; we offer payment options that should fit into your budget without too much stress on your family’s finances. 


What you need to know about replacing the siding?


Replacing the siding can be challenge filled with headaches. From deciding on the profile to determining the right colors for the siding and the accompanying trim, Strong Ridge Construction will be your partner through the entire process. We will not select your colors, but we will make the tools available to you so you can. We have computer-based tools to help you design your home exactly like you want it.

When replacing the siding on your home, we will:

  1. Remove the existing siding, unless it is asbestos-based. In which case, you will be notified during the inspection and estimate phase of the process. The removal of siding will allow us to inspect the wall sheathing for damage and make any necessary minor structural repairs.
  2. Once the siding is removed and any damage is repaired, we will ensure the house is wrapped with a moisture barrier siding underlayment (House Wrap). The moisture barrier is what keeps the water from penetrating through to the walls.
  3. With the moisture barrier in place, we will then install the siding, in accordance to the manufacturer’s specifications and the Vinyl Siding Institute’s best practices. 
  4. We will perform a quality assurance inspection of the siding, to ensure that it meets manufacturer’s specifications and the Vinyl Siding Institute’s best practices.
  5. We will clean up and haul away all siding debris and sweep the project area with magnets for nails. This step will be performed daily, if the project exceeds one day.

Now you know the process of getting new siding on your home. The hard part is up to you: Deciding on a look that you think will define your home as uniquely yours. Your Strong Ridge Construction representative will happily provide you with the samples and tools to make that decision. We can utilize the siding simulation tool to give you a better idea of what your home will look like with the siding of your choice.

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